y u kill again? is dangerous 2 ur son and what when he find out

My little cotton blossom,

I admit, I had not been expecting to take a life. Usually I would have simply found a way to nullify the situation and to discredit the mer. To make him look crazy or like there was a house vendetta or something of the sort.

There was something that came over me once I had that connection with him. They was a feeling that took hold of me. It started with a very sweet smell. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. And it made me feel like I had to do it. I don’t know why. Killing for me is usually a last resort.

Yet there I was, knowing it was what I was going to do. That I had to. There was no choice, was there?

I still don’t understand it. I think it best to put the memory behind me. Sildras slept through it with no issue. He doesn’t need to know. I don’t need to remember.


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