4th of Sun’s Dusk, Fredas

Had a lovely breakfast with the merchant family. Their hatchlings and Sildras watched as we came into view of the city and played on the deck together. I shared a bottle of port and we talked about the current political situation. A lovely little talks.

We parted ways after we made land and I packed Tel for the short jaunt to uncle’s mansion. Sildras bid his new friends farewell and I agreed we would visit them in the marketplace in a day or so.

We were met by Uncle’s guards and escorted to his receiving room while the servants took our things. Uncle gave us a tour so that Sildras would be familiar with everything and we had a calm day in and around the property.

This morning I have been preparing for my meeting with uncle. I am on call to speak with him at his connivence. Like I need the reminder of his power.

I pray to the three this goes well.


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