Can you describe appropriate clothing for dunmer of your status for us? With pictures if you have. And as many occasions as you have patience.

I admit, I have a limit of resources while I am traveling, my friend. But I will see what I can show you. Please keep in mind that I will be focusing on the style of clothing that I have worn at some point or another that is befitting of my station. Of course there are many more styles and they are influenced by a number of factors, including your profession and skill sets.

Formal temple attire, which a mer of my status wears for special occasions, or if you were like me, when you have the unfortunate experience of having to work for the Temple and attend all the boring useless meetings. You also much wear them whenever you might come before Almalexia, which could in theory occur anytime you are in the main temple complex. Such clothing looks like this:

The colors, motifs, and number of layers to be decided by occasion, season, social status, and house affiliation. I both love and loathe these clothes. On the one hand, they feel exquisite and bring the gaze of many. On the other hand, in the summer they can be exhausting to wear and they often trap in the heat, leaving you swelter while you pretend to listen to the same boring lecture as the previous year.

I much prefer the more casual clothing that one of my station is allowed to wear either at social gatherings where attendies are of the same status level, or when with family, including extended family and close friends. Such clothing typically looks more like this:

There are also versions where the sleeves are removable. These are typically used more in summer heat and in settings where only your most intimate friends and family may be present. Such less formal versions look like this:

As you can see, they tend to have the extension at the shoulder, but are otherwise identical to the sleeved versions.

For those with gold to spare, these tunics and the ones above will be lined with satin brocade or hand painted silk.

And there are also the robes of the high level musicians. Mer of my station are not allowed to become musicians, however, the practice of music is highly regarded and we will done the clothing of a master musician if we have enough acclaim that we are given allowance to put on a concert. Such robes look like this:

They tend to be far more plain. You can see in the first picture that the silk has a pattern running throughout, while the second shows an patterned silk. This denotes that the men in the top have been given patronage by one of the mer houses, rather than by an institution such as a music academy.

I am afraid that is all the pictures I can find for you for now, my friend. But if I can find some more of our beautiful attire, I shall make sure to let you know.


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