2nd of Sun’s Dusk, Middas

We reached Ebonheart with no further troubles. Nothing on the road to waylay us.

Once in Ebonheart we had to contend with crowds. These were no ordinary crowds, but those gathered for the harvest between Mephala and Boethiah’s summoning days.

On the one hand, my son was able to experience a different sort of experience. The growing season and variety of food produced here is far more limited. It means that there is more dried and smoked foods. Sildras seemed to prefer the dried fruits best, though he was also fond of the roasted ash yams with fresh beetle scuttle.

The big hinderance we ran into in Ebonheart was finding accommodations. Of course the last days of the festival are the most attended. I almost suspect Uncle orchestrated this whole meeting around the knowledge that I would be waylaid by such obstacles.

In the end, having changed into formal Indoril attire, a helpful family of brownnosers gave us their master bedroom. I will gladly expound upon the virtues of their generosity to Uncle. At as much length as he will allow me. It’s the least I can do for their hospitality.

I have secured us passage on a Davon’s Watch bound ship. We depart within the next hour, or belongings already onboard. Tel is secured in the hold and I will check on him regularly.

Sildras is sad to see us leaving already, but the festival ended last night and if we wait longer there will be no ships left for another week. Too many are in a rush to return to where they came from. And here are far too many mer in town to take any chance that there might be another vessel to dock in the next couple of days for hire.

As it is we have to share the vessel with two other families. One, a small family of Argonian merchants with ties to House Redoran. They seem peaceful enough. They are unlike to cause any trouble. In fact, my brief pleasantries with the lady of the household seemed rather cordial. And j have thought of inviting them to join us after super some evening. One of their hatchlings is around the same age as Sildras and I think it a good opportunity for him to make a new friend.

There there is the Dres mage. He gave Sildras and I a look that fills me with unease. He also said something very bizarre to my son about keeping an eye upward for trouble that was in the clouds. It was all very strange and unsettling. I am glad that our quarters are nowhere near to his. I will be watching him closely and have told Sildras to be careful whenever he sees or feels the man nearby. That if the man tries anything, tell me and I will protect him.

I truly hope that this journey be swift and uneventful. I do not wish for my son’s first journey out of Mournhold to be filled with memories of danger and violence.


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