OOC Ask: Does the mun ship any characters in your rp? Fayrl and someone else? Other characters (i.e Speaks/Qua-Dar?)

Man, it’s a hard place to ship things. So much pain and angst. Love pentagons and shit. It’s wild.

I mean, Fayrl likes having sex with a lot of people, but he’s usually only interested in unrealistic relationships. Still, who doesn’t ship Qau-dar and he at least a little? I will say no more about that though since there’s a lot about Qau-dar that hasn’t come up yet, but that will be in the near future.

I also ship Fayrl with Nabine. I haven’t really done much more than show Fayrl’s loss over the relationship, but there’s probably about 20K of writing and relationship building that went into that unseen interactions. And I honestly have such a warm spot in my heart for their insane but beautiful relationship.

I ship Speaks-Too-Soon with any lady willing to do right by her. The three know S2S deserves a decent relationship somewhere in her life. I just hope that that’s something in store for her eventually. You’d have to ask her writer about any plans in that direction.

I of course ship Ria/Lil. It’s canon and it’s perfect. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Avon, well, there’s another person that deserves someone calm, collected, and willing to take care of him. It seems like for now he is angling to get in a relationship with Fayrl, but I really can’t see that making him happy. I think things are too imbalanced and Fayrl would not settled down and be monogamous for Avon. So I think that regardless of what Fayrl would say or do, I think there would be a lot for Avon to be insecure about and ultimately the relationship would probably end up not only hurting Avon, but probably destroying their friendship entirely. More on things in his future love life, I simply can’t comment on.

There are certainly some other ships that I have, but they involve characters/situations that haven’t come up yet, so I can’t say anything more. But if you have any ships you want my thoughts or the other’s thoughts on, we all will gladly talk about them.

I personally will try to refrain from discussing anything that I know for sure is coming up, but we all love to hear speculations about what readers think. We rarely get any notes or feedback, despite the decent amount of followers some writers have, so knowing what people do and don’t like or how they feel about various situations is really useful for us, encouraging us to write more.


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