What is brothel culture like in Morrowind? I’ve heard that Dunmer are quite… ah… free with their sexual desires.

No need to be so shy, little one. For most Dunmer, and myself in particular, this is hardly a delicate matter to speak of.

Come, sit by the fire, let me fill your glass, and we can speak about such deviant matters that tantalize your little mind.

For centuries, maybe even since our Chimer ancestors set out from the Isles to follow Saint Veloth, our people have been practicing the pleasure arts. Our daedric gods never shamed us for doing such, nor did they place any restrictions on when and where such acts were allowed.

I will mention that the council and nobility was generally held to slightly more conservative social etiquette when it came to such matters. It is less a matter of that you are doing these things than it is a matter of whom you are doing them with.

Now, many of the elder generation clung desperately to the idea that propriety demands that nobles not act like common folk and to give in to such flippant desires means that you are somehow a deviant and prone towards the forbidden. There is even the occasional rumor that such mer are more likely to be seduced to daedra worship and that such frivolities are a sign that you are being swayed by dark forces.

This is, of course, complete and utter guarshit. It is the same rhetoric that elder mer have been saying about the younger generation since Azura cursed us with our Dunmeri graces.

There are a lot of very oxymoronic dichotomies in Morrowind and casual sex and use of brothels is one of them. The same councilmer who will rail against sex outside of procreation, will be a well known customer of a particular pleasure house. Many claim they only visit to pay for rumors and plan their next move against opponents.

Everything that happens in such places has a price. Even information. If you have a lot of coin, you can learn a lot of secrets. The higher the status of a patron, the more expensive their secrets are. And if they have paid for silence, then you have to out bid them for the privilege of knowing. It is a well established system that most of the upper echelon make use of. Some will spill false secrets and see who pays for them, only to cut their rival’s feet out from under them at the opportune moment.

I personally believe that the hardest working people in all of Morrowind are the brothel accountants. They have to keep record of the prices for all the information and make sure that everyone has paid in full for their services. It is no easy task, that much I can assure you.

Most establishments are well-known in the areas in which they were built. As such, everyone knows where they are and what they are for. Most visit a brothel for times of celebration, special occasions. A promotion in the service or for making an important sale. There is no shame in being seen going in or out of such a place. The only time I believe I have heard much disparaging talk about such matters, is when the mer in question spends the majority of their time in the pleasure quarter instead of completing their duties.

There is social etiquette that surrounds one’s visit to a brothel. You are expected to treat the workers with respect and to pay for the first service before you begin. Subsequent services you may pay afterwards, provided you have a reputation with the management and/or can prove yourself financially capable. If not, you simply pay as you go.

It is expected that you will not attempt to woo or otherwise invite any employee into a personal relationship, though many patrons are known to try and get around this. The punishment can be rather severe, however, if you are reported to the owner.

And there are also special mandates in the law that concern the running of a brothel and the way you can treat your staff. As well as rules governing how to deal with customers of a less savory type.

Have I answered all your questions, little one? Or do you have more?


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