Bottom or a top ?

My deliciously curious little netchling,

Is this question truly one to excite you? Is a simple top or bottom dichotomy all you seek to sate your curiosity with? Or is it more to explore your fantasies?

What is it that you could be wanting to learn? Is what excites you the thought of me mounted atop a large well-sculpted Nord, pulling his long blonde hair with one hand, running the flat of a cold blade along his chest with the other, all the while making him deny his own gods for love of my exquisite ecstasies?

Or perhaps you prefer the image of me spread nude across crimson sheets of satin, my wrists bound above my head, a wooden bit clenched between my teeth, my mewling cries muffled as I beg my mistress for the sweet release she promises me if only I continue to obey?

In truth, I care far less about which way round I am getting my pleasures than I do about what other rewards I may garner from the experience.

If you should like to join me at the tavern some evening we can try out both options and see which you prefer me in.


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