25th of Frostfall, Tirdas

We stayed last night in Narsis. The inn gave us a decent room. Sildras was acting shy again, perhaps being in a new city with new people. I cannot help but wonder what, if anything Urtisa must have done to make Sildras so afraid of our kind. Perhaps of all mer. What did she say or do?

The poor boy had trouble relaxing when it came time for bed. I played a bit of music in our room to soothe Sildras to sleep. The innkeeper came and asked if I would not be willing to play a bit for her. She claimed it was a while since they’d had a good musician in house.

I agreed and am well aware that Sildras snuck out of the room to watch me play a few songs. I know he must have been equally worried about being alone and curious to see what such a performance was like. I did not wish to play long, worried that perhaps he might stay up until I returned. I beckoned him over to sit on my knee while I played. He fell asleep in my arms after a couple songs and I was able to excuse myself shortly thereafter.

I refused to take coin from the innkeeper when she offered for my time. I am trying to maintain my new image, or perhaps it is the old one… my family’s image at any rate. I cannot be seen taking coin for tasks that would be deemed common work. Although few may recognize me on sight, it has been a while since I was in the public view, there are always spies about. And how can I disappoint such hard working mer?

We were treated to a lovely breakfast, which the innkeeper claimed to be part of the cost of the room, but I know full well was her way of paying for my music. It is a good lesson for Sildras that there are ways to offer people payment without the use of coin and stabbing one another’s enemies.

Today we make our way towards Serk. If we continue at this rate, we will be to Stonefalls in two days time. I just hope that Sildras continues to find everything new and fascinating. We still have a long way to go and Stonefalls looks very, very different to anything he has ever seen.


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