will u get ur son guar pet?

My little cotton blossom! What a marvelous idea!

You know, I think a vermilion scuttler is just what every young mer needs to learn responsibility and the value of caring for another life. I wonder if I can ask one of the servants to speak with someone with a specialty in animal husbandry. 

I had one myself, as a small mer. Her name was Kagilim, because she had this one toe nail that looked like hawk talons. She was the most delightfully curious little thing. And whenever I was sad she would come hop up on my knee and tilt her head and chirp at me. And she would stay with me until I felt better. She also liked to fall asleep on my chest if I was humming.

Well, enough of reminiscing about Kagilim. I have a lot of good memories of my scuttler and I would want to get the best possible one for my son. A guar is not just some animal, they are a friend when you have no one else to turn to. So finding a scuttler with the right temperament and good health is vital.

I will have to wait until after I return from visiting uncle in Stonefalls, but then I will make trips to the local breeders. I should like it to be a surprise, but I will want him to pick out his own scuttler. Perhaps I shall narrow it down to one breeder, then take him out and let him choose his own.

Oh, this is such a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing, dear heart.


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