r u and avon go to start date soon?

Greetings, my little cotton blossom. It has been a while since you’ve sent a message. It is good to hear from you again.

You ask a very sweet question. Avon and I are very close. We are brothers, after all. Yet I admit in many ways we have grown apart as brothers too. That trust we once had will take a long time to mend, provided it can ever be fully repaired. There will always be my actions between us.

I suppose to someone outside of Dunmeri culture, it does appear as though we are become quite the family unit. Yet this is not exactly so. One of the duties, for a child’s legal secondary guardian, is to take the place of any parental figure who is no longer in the child’s life. This is usually in case all save the child has been killed in a family, though it can also be after a parent has passed on or is off at war. There is nothing Avon does that is not considered a normal part of being Sildras’ secondary guardian.

If perhaps it is the fact that I am sharing my marital bed with Avon, while my wife is left to rot in the basement compartments under the tribunal temple, that has you wondering to a change in our relationship, that is hardly the case. It is not at all uncommon, though it is improper to discuss in polite society, for the secondary guardian to take on the full set of marital responsibilities. It is why choosing a proper secondary guardian is such careful work.

There are cases of a secondary guardian falling for one of the child’s parents and, in lieu of having an affair, will simply take the spouse in question out of the picture and fill in the role as the spouse without anyone speaking a word of it. Sometimes the marriage will simply transfer straight over to the new partner without any ceremony or paperwork needed. Though in those cases there is much exchange of money or favors behind the scenes.

I suppose it makes sense for you to assume Avon and I may have changed from brothers to lovers, but I assure you, everything is just as it has been for years.


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