You got over your so called husband fast…

It is not a matter of getting over my husband, little alit. It is more a matter of occupying myself with more immediate matters at hand.

I cannot go running off to Skyrim in search of my daelekil! I have duties I must attend to. Particularly at this important time of the year. We have only another day before the holiday is upon us! I have to prepare myself and my son for the festivities.

And the farseer has asked to speak with me about taking a role in the celebrations. It is a high honor to be given such an important task! It takes a lot of thought and concentration to properly fulfill such responsibilities and I cannot afford to be distracted by melancholy thoughts of my daelekil.

The past cannot be changed. All I can do is move forward, be a good son and mer of my house, and bide my time until I can go and see my daelekil again.

When we return from the holidays I am to meet with my uncle about my household duties. If what my mother says is true, I will most likely be either resuming my position with temple intelligence, or I shall begin a new position following in mother’s footsteps as ambassador for our house in the remote and dangerous reaches of Tamriel. Either way, I have a chance to bring myself past Whiterun, assuming that is where my daelekil is continuing to work for that Altmeri draugr.

Patience is a virtue I pride myself on possessing. Each day I am kept from what I want is that much more sweet it will taste when I am able to reach it. And I always find a way.


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