What did your mother think of Qau-dar? I believe He respected her at least?

Not that she would ever tell me how she was feeling, but I would say she thought very highly of my daelekil. She certainly never protects my rights to speak my mind.

In fact, the delicacy with which she allowed him free reign was rather the way she treats my son. A type of fond affection, though in her own rigid way. She is not a mer of many words, nor to makes shows of emotion. Yet she made a very strong point of having him be included as though my marriage to Qau-dar had been the one and only accepted marriage I had had.

It helped that there was a political game to play and that Qau-dar was dressed every bit the Khajiiti prince. Still, I think she rather liked him. Seemingly more than she likes me! And I’m her flesh and blood.

I exaggerate. I know my mother cares deeply for me.

Still, she extended every courtesy and some beyond that. She seemed to take extra care with him. There was almost a tenderness in how she interacted with him. I only wish that all my kinsmer were so willing to accept non-mer.

And as you say, my friend, he was always every bit as respectful as one could ask. She is a woman that responds well to such things. Not even once did he excite her temper in the slightest. Even father can’t manage that. I think they had good rapport and got on well. If only he might have stayed a while longer.


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