2nd, perhaps 3rd, of Frostfall

I was required to go on a garden viewing your with my great uncle, Gelds, today.

What a dreadful affair. A strange heat spell swept through today, making the sunny day nearly unbearable! And if that was not enough, the gardens were overcrowded with other garden viewers, taking in the sights, having their lunches upon the grasses, and generally making it impossible to enjoy what little beauty there was to otherwise see.

We did not have enough time to do any of the things I would have liked to have done.

And now, since he insisted on lingering around this disgusting humid village, which, I would like to add for the record, has been thundering and pouring down run upon us since we arrived, that reeks of refuse and is infested with all sorts of pest.

And that does not include the insects! The mosquitoes here are as cunning as a Khajiit and, despite being the size of a pony guar, seem to stab you with their proboscis before you have a chance to see them coming.

I itch everywhere! Why did great uncle chose this awful place?

Poor Sildras, he has been having poor reactions to the bites. They swell and the itches keeps him from sleep. I have tried all the salves I know. Great uncle keeps suggesting things which only make it worse.

On the bright side, we return to Mournhold tomorrow. I am eager to see the back of this awful place. I refuse to let mother talk me into such outings again! Clearly this was so she might avoid coming.

By the three, if I sleep at all tonight it will be a miracle.


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