Are you going to honor the house decision to let your wife live or are you still planning to get rid of her?

It is a tough decision to be certain. Right now there are a couple of conflicting official stories about Urtisa’s actions.

Surely it would be bad to expose her crimes for the ease with which she was able to enact them.

On the other hand, it would be easy to make her death look like the work of an assassin of our house or another. I admit it is very tempting. Once she is dead, and if the blame could not be proven to be our house’s, there would be no actions taken against the perpetrator.

Yet what stops me is far less to do with the decision of my house and far more to do with the emotional stability of my son. Her death at this point would likely destroy him. So, at least until he is less fragile and/or a bit older and able to understand, her life is safe from me as long as she follows her punishment.

We shall see if she proves that only by her death will our family be safe. If that comes to be, she will die before the following day.


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