You seem like you’ve given up on your lowly relationship with the cat. Will you be seeking a new spouse then? Or will you try to tame your wife?

I am not in, nor have I ever been in, a relationship with a cat. My daelekil is a Khajiit. I feel as though I have had to explain this far too many times. So I will just ignore the usual anger over that topic for now.

I am not sure how being preoccupied with my house duties coincides with “giving up” on my relationship with my daelekil. I am sure you could write tomes on the various ways your illusions could come to be reality. Are you friends with the Altmer, by chance? I hear he has extensive gifts in such studies. Perhaps you should go and speak with him about his “husband”.  Perhaps you are even both married to the same mer.

I am not seeking any new spouses. It has been decades since I was searching for one in the first place. Two is twice as many as I had expected to have and quite enough for me right now thank you. Even if I were to have killed my daelikal, I would still not be in search for a replacement. My marriage with Qau-dar was, as it has been stated on various occasions, one of convenience. 

And try and tame Urtisa? You clearly do not know her. There is no way to tame that woman. Her will is strong as ebony and she is as difficult to reason with as the wind. Best to just pretend that she never existed and let her rot under Almalexia’s watchful eye.

I think I have had enough of relationships for quite a while, thank you. There is no application you can fill out for the position, so I must request you go.

And do take the Altmer with you. Save us all the headache.


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