13th of Hearthfire, Tirdas

Last night I managed to confront Avon after his watch shift. He had thought me asleep, the poor fool. He didn’t even know I was behind him until I whispered in his ear. He gave a delightful little squeak, the kind I have missed and teasingly scolded me about the habit of doing just this to him.

Of course, I told him I merely wanted to see if he still fell for such things and could not resist the temptation, to which he made many remarks about my character. In the end I was able to get him to place up his sound cloaking enchantments and we spoke. I tried not to be too cruel to him. Yet because of his feelings he is drawn to do as I say.

I was shocked to hear him casting doubts about Mephala’s plans for me. She is a god, there is nothing a mortal can do in the face of a god’s will. He looked rather defeated after our talk.

Though we did at least discuss what to do about the guards. Ervis’ admission papers list only that there is a mer informant. I was going to attempt to alter the documents, but Avon stopped me. Bloody Ervis had the documents enchanted for authenticity. So we have discussed how to get a Khajiit through. Avon is too well known for anyone to believe he had a slave with him. Urtisa’s men would know in an instant this was a trap.

A bodyguard, of course, is allowed for hire under laws, up to two, though they must be Pact citizens. Which allows Speaks-Too-Soon to travel without any issue. The only way we can get Qau-dar through is to set him up as a translator for our informant. I sure hope the Altmer’s Ta’agra is enough for him to convince the Ordinators and and any within the Temple that may be called to verify.

Not that I am sure I trust this Altmer. He has been giving Avon and I strange looks. I cannot deal with him wishing to fight right now. Perhaps that is his plan. It would be more advantageous to attack us while we are distracted by other matters. Though his escape would be difficult. Mah! I have too much to deal with the Altmer too! Mephala, I look forward to rejoining the fold.


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