u think ur husband flirt with u now?

Hello again, little buttercup.

I cannot say if flirting is the right word for his actions or not. Certainly there have been similar things to this that have happened during our time together. I have never been able to figure out, however, if they are a flirting gesture, or a symbol of friendship, or something else entirely.

To be honest, I am at a loss as to say what it could be. Certainly it did not appear to be a hostile gesture. Yet, to what degree of companionship it indicates, I haven’t the tools to decipher. Nor any idea how to try and ask what the gesture means.

Many times we have tried to discuss less complicated matters and we were unable to reach an understanding. And the only one with enough knowledge of his language, other than him, is the very mer I would sooner cut off my left arm than to ask.

And so the confusion and pondering shall continue. If only I could find someone who understood Khajiiti culture enough to assist me.


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