3rd of Hearthfire, Loredas

The journey itself has been blissfully free of incidents. We move through slaver land so far without running into anyone on the road. At least, none who have given us much of a look.

I think the caravan helps. An Altmer can at least look enough like a very very pale Dunmer in the dark, when one does not expect to see one there, but a Khajiit would stand out. Qau-dar has taken to spending time inside of the caravan. I am sure it is much easier to care for little Khes inside than to balance her upon his shoulder. It works out in our favor either way.

I still do not understand why my daelekil has come. Is it to seek vengeance by tearing me down further? As if I cannot hear him go to the Altmer’s tent and the sound of their merriment. Is this to punish me? He is cruel. It is deserved, but it is still cruel. To remind me of how I am utterly replaceable. That he needs me no longer. Now he has this lumbering corpse to call friend. I wonder if he will marry him too for a chance at a hot meal. Mah, the heart of me is stomped into the dry, ashen dirt.

I would look to Avon to distract me usually He is the type of person who usually prattles on and on about the history of every place you are near in infuriatingly specific details. Yet now, he is silent. He barely speaks. The only time he utters a word is when it is necessary to inform the group of things like stopping for a rest or mentioning that the Altmer should ride inside the caravan during the day to minimize suspicion.

I cannot say I am happy about having to give up my comfortable spot to take up upon horseback, but it is necessary. The beast I ride is so plump, it is a wonder it can still walk. It would make a lovely meal for us all, though. A horse this size could easily feed us a couple of days. If we let the extra marinade in brandy inside of caravan, we could likely get even more meals out of it without having to trade any away.

We are still two to three days away from the border. Though once we are past the Kragenmoor suburbs there will be nothing but mountains and lava rivers until Deshaan. I hope we can camp at the overlook, the views are truly beautiful.


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