26th of Last Seed, Fredas

Of all the wonderful surprises the three could shower me with, this was by far one of the best.

Ervis and I were persisting in our seemingly unending wait to be given permission to leave the inner courtyard of the fort, when who should come bursting through the doors of our little temporary imprisonment, then our very own Avon! He wasn’t supposed to be here for another day! Turns out, some priest over in the former Azura shrine, shame that the temple decided that their tribunal is more important, got together a couple of their mages and teleported Avon over here to meet us sooner.

It really couldn’t have come at a better time. Who knows what sort of trouble Ervis and I would have gotten ourselves into when night fell. That mer has been itching to sink a blade into any of those who have kept us captive here. And I admit, I was beginning to think we were going to come to danger being held any longer. But I didn’t have to worry about Ervis or I getting attacked by Pct soldiers.

Also lucky for us, Avon always makes sure to carry his documents, so he had officially stamped orders from our house grandmaster. It’s nice to know that Avon managed to get this trip approved by uncle Tanval, who I think will just about lay an egg when he hears that I was actually replaced without anyone knowing for 6 years. Including him! I’m sure if I gift him the heart of the traitorous women responsible, he won’t be as likely to take out the full brunt of his anger on me.

I still can’t believe I am back in Morrowind. Back with my brothers. It is so surreal. The smell of the dry warm air, heavy with the aroma of ash and the rumble of distant thunderstorms, brings me back to memories of visiting uncle Tanval’s manor in Davon’s Watch every summer. Everything seems to be just as when I left. And here I am, about to go and get into dangerous and wicked fun with my brothers. If I do not survive this task, at least I was able to relive some of the old days. Some of the delicious mischief that only three friends as close as we, could ever get into.

I can’t help but be brought back to every one of our old adventures. All our games. All our bets. Not that they didn’t make me take a handicap. It makes sense, after all, my birth gift always did afford me some advantages in such challenges. Particularly ones that involved getting tokens from other nobles, whether it be jewelry or some intimate apparel. I still usually won, so I suppose I shan’t complain too much. Mah, such wonderful times we had. Was there any sort of idiotic or dangerous thing we did not manage to find our way into? I am sure we must have missed one or two. If we can, I hope to try a few of them again before I leave.

Ervis and Avon went to finish sorting out our clearance to make free use of the fort. Apparently Avon also has someone fairly high ranking who owes him a favor. It sounds like we are going to go and have a party down in the old daedric ruins. It’s beautiful how much of them remains intact within the fort as well. I cannot wait for us to go and have a proper reunion tonight.

Avon says we will be heading over to Lohulurash’s tomorrow. He made sent word ahead that we would be passing through Lukiul Uxith and she has sent some of her special brew aside for us. I’m glad, cause if Meejapa is still a regular, he will drink it all before we get there. Man, I wonder if the village has grown since last time we were there. It was always a favorite spot to stop for a drink on the way up into Skyrim.

Well, I should prepare a few things before we head down to the ruins. I have so many delightful little treats that are just perfect for this sort of occasion!


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