Sera have you ever thought maybe your husband won’t sleep with you because you act like a child?

Oh, I beg your pardon, Sedura. Here, please, take my seat. You look weary. At your advanced age, for your race, I am sure you have spent all your energy to make this trip.

Now, here’s a nice glass of fortifying sherry. Go on. Drink it all down, go ahead. Don’t be shy.

There. Now don’t you feel better already?

You know, being that I am likely three times my Daelekil’s age, I suppose to some, my behavior would seem to indicate someone much younger. Still, I believe that my self-sufficient nature and charms speak for themselves as far as my true age.

Sedura, I have already spent my time being a responsible adult who carries the weight of Nirn upon my shoulders. That life style appeals to many, but I did not care for it. I still contribute to society, I still help to provide fuel for the economy of the nation I have been living in. It is true I do not pay land taxes, but I contribute plenty to politicians and the poor alike. I work, I make purchases, and I get others to make purchases as well. It is what being a fully fledged member of a society is. And what is not adult about that?

One must choose how they feel, free to live their own lives and not place their judgements upon others. We all have equal rights to do and think as we please, provided it does no harm to any virtuous citizens around them.

Of course, this is just my personal world view. Clearly someone of as many years as you has a different opinion. Like offering insults as advice. I suppose where you are from that may be normal, but I do not appreciate the noses of the uninvolved stuck in my personal affairs, Sedura.

I have offered you enough opportunity to apologize, while you sat and partook of my hospitality. Yet, no apology came, did it? Nor any word to indicate you had anything less than contempt for me.

A pity really. We are all mortal. We all make mistakes. Being able to admit them and learn from them is one of the rare and beautiful gifts of a mortal life.

Why, just earlier, I offered a good gentle a drink and I think I might have accidentally dropped something into it. A mistake I am sure you can understand. Now, if I were to follow your model, I would do absolutely nothing to correct that. I would just let the person go about their way without ever telling them what sort of symptoms they may wish to look out for.

However, I am not like you. Therefore, I am going to offer the good Sedura a potion to cure what ails I may have inavertedly caused to them when I dropped a dose of colorless, odorless powder into their sherry. Then again, will someone so jaded about life and the intentions of others trust me to provide an appropriate curative?

I suppose we shall find out, Sedura. Let us just wait and see what happens.


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