With the way you’re riding young mer you’ll get yourself killed before even reaching your wife. Smart plan. Make out haste but avoid confronting her, in the end with no one having a chance to see what coward you are.

Hahahahaha! Well aren’t you a pleasant one? Have you gotten lost from your swarm, little wasp?

I am hardly killing myself. If I wanted to do that I have an entire kit worth of poisons designed to make a death appear to be for all manners of accidents and illnesses. I could make it look like quite the clever assassination, if I put my mind to it. Yet suicide is not in my nature, I am sure you are saddened to learn.

I fled from Urtisa because I wished to live my life free from her and from my responsibilities to my house. It was hardly fear. It was just the easiest way to live as I pleased.

And many were the times that Urtisa sent her henchman to come and retrieve me. Yet, they were never able to capture me after the first time. Oh sure, they managed to track me down and thought they had cornered me in a whorehouse. But who is idiotic enough to believe that just because they have a mer’s clothes, that he will not still escape out the large open window? Foolishness. I have killed plenty of her little lackeys, most face to face, so spare me your condescending sneer and self-congratulation.

I am not a coward, little wasp. And should you wish to challenge my courage, I will show you how some of my poisons work.


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