when u see ur friends will u have 3way sex?

My curious little guar,

I admit, it would not be unusual for the three of us to engage in an intimate encounter. Given how long it has been since we were all together, it is very likely that we should all wish to share our hearts, minds, and bodies as we once did.

I would also be satisfied just in spending the time solely with Ervis, since I have done some reconciling with Avon already. And although Avon is usually credited with being the most empathetic of us, Ervis is far more emotional and capricious. I need to know that he is alright and I think the easiest way to know is if we were to share that intimacy.

Yet, I would not wish to have any one of my daesoohn feel excluded. This is our full reunion! We three, who have styled ourselves to represent the three aspects of our gods, will come together and a perfect balance will be maintained. Ervis, warrior and devout follower of Boethiah, skilled with great sword and with a sword in each hand, his strength knows no parallel. Avon, mage and devotee of Azura, gifted in the schools of destruction, healing, and conjuration, wise and reserved, yet able to let out the most wicked thoughts. And then myself, rogue and follower of Mephala, once a spy and assassin for the temple, now a wandering bard, with sword in one hand and dagger in the other, I make music in the spotlight, then attack unseen from the shadows.

Each of us has strength to protect each other from their own weaknesses. United we stand without equal. Why would we not wish to come together and join in the passion of each other’s bodies which we have come to know so well? To let our limbs entwine as our hearts speak as one. There is a spiritual transcendence that takes place during such acts. An awakening of the soul, of the mind. Together you can do what one alone could never hope to dream of accomplishing. One above you, another below. To feel, as one moves, that you all move. Each part of you touched and loved by those you trust. It is its own special type of ecstasy. One I am always hungry for.

I really should purchase some delightful little toys in Riften. Nothing quite like adding to the fun, right?


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