20th of Last Seed, Loredas

I have crossed over into East Marsh. I will be here only about another half day before I enter the Rift. My next stop is Mistwatch, where hopefully I can manage a bed, if nothing else. I would like to stop one last time before I get south and that is the last opportunity.

From there I hope to push a little further and reach Fallowstone Hall. The companions will, no doubt, let me rest there. I would like to take a proper night’s rest to conserve my strength and give Tel a respite from the grueling pace. I can trust the wolf cultists enough to stay there for a proper night’s rest before continuing on.

I will make a brief stop at Fort Greenwall. I have connections with a pact guard who makes her patrols there and I am sure for the cost of a simple performance to boost troop morale, I will gain permission to rest there. And then it is only a few hours ride into Riften. I have decided it best to take a full day in Riften. I can resupply, rest, and prepare myself mentally for my day’s ride to the Morrowind border.

I wonder how different Morrowind looks from before. Will it have changed in the brief time since I have been gone? Perhaps with the formation of the pact now, longer held attitudes about non-mer will have improved. I know my people are slow to change, but I have some hope that things will be better.

The three, I miss the sounds of Speaks-Too-Soon’s deep easy laughter around the fire. I miss my little Khes jumping on my face and calling out “ako” over and over again in excitement. And I miss watching my daelekil as he works by the firelight to sew budi, or comb Ma’riani, or work on his jewelry, his eyes fixed on the task in front of him with utter concentration.

Mah! What use is there in sighing heavily over good memories that you will never again be able to enjoy! Just another reminder of all I have to lose.

The dawn fades into morning. I must be off. The sooner I am to Mistwatch, the sooner I am to the Rift.

I am so very tired. I need to get to the Rift soon so that I may rest properly. I feel uneasy since last night. I don’t know if it is my being overly tired or a genuine need for concern, but I swear I feel as though I am being watched. Let us hope that it is just my tired mind playing tricks on me. I need to be in better condition, in case a fight becomes necessary.


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