Muthsera, are you still wearing earrings you got from your khajiit?

Come now, friend, you are being overly formal. This isn’t some stuffy council meeting. We are two friends meeting to exchange words.

Now, in answer to your question, yes.

In fact, I do not think I have taken them out since he gave them to me, other than when I was disguised and wearing other jewelry of his. From the moment I placed them back in my ears, I have not taken them off. They are important to me. And they shall remain so until I draw my last breath.

It is one of three items I prefer to wear at all times. The others being the spider silk hair ornament given to me by a messenger of he spinner, and my amulet of Azura for the priestess of the Ashland tribe who baptized me anew.

Besides, do you not think that their beautiful color compliments my eyes perfectly?


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