How many clothes does the little kitten have? Does she wear shoes?

My little bell flower, I have no idea how to even begin to determine how many clothes she has. I have purchased her a handful of outfits and when I was charged with her care, I saw quite a few more. I have also gifted bolts of fabric on more than one occasion, so truly, there could be any number of them, with more to come.

As for shoes, the three know how hard I tried to get her to wear those silk slippers she begged me to purchase for her. However, the moment she put them on she began to shake her feet until they would come off, flinging them int opposite directions. I told her I would take them back and buy her something else, but she did not want to part with the things. Perhaps when the weather turns cold she will change her mind. Until then, however, she seems content to be barefoot.


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