What inspires your music? Do you have muse or just as it come? Do you have the method or just different every song?

I am so glad you asked, my little apple blossom!

My musical inspiration comes from many different sources. Typically I will either have a tune start in my head or have something that I desperately wish to put to parchment.

As far as a muse, I have had one here or there, but in most cases the desire for creation comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes I just am nearly drowning with inspiration, while other times I can’t seem to come up with anything new if my life depended on it. Subjects for music I typical draw from the experiences or heard stories around me. The music itself is often inspired by auditory patterns in nature. A carriage wheel with a notch missing on a rainy path can create a pattern that inspires the creation of a love song. Or the sound of hail upon tent canvas fits perfectly a pattern for a marching tune. Though I also will sometimes just let my fingers work upon the strings of my lute until a random pattern takes me. This method is the most useful when I find my creativity at a standstill.

I do typically have a method in making my songs. I nearly always write the music first, then the lyrics. I find it is much easier to limit yourself into a pattern and put the pieces inside than to take pieces and try to construct a pattern around them. That is not to say I have not written music to accompany an existing composition, but most of those are not of my making. They tend to be commissioned work. I have also done a few commissions to change a song between common tongue and Dunmeri. This is always an interesting challenge. I have, of course, adapted many of my songs written in Dunmeri so that I can play them for an Argonian, Nord, or Imperial audience. It is easier with my own lyrics, however, because I do not worry so much of changing the intended meaning when a set of lyrics cannot translate easily or in a way to fit the tune. It is always a frustrating, but ultimately rewarding sort of work.

I hope that answers your questions, little one. If you have any other questions about my music, process or costs, please do contact me again. It is so refreshing to receive questions about my work. I can take my mind off things when I submerse myself in my work. So thank you.


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