There is no need to be so rude. I wasn’t angry or even accusing. Merely curious, since dinner generally do not have good reputation with khajiit, socially. Maybe it is you who needs to calm down and not raise to arms and get defensive over simple question. It is quite rude.

I do apologize, dear one. I am quite defensive on account of the great number of critical messages I get, particularly concerning such topics. I did not mean to come off abrasive or rude. I was attempting to describe as best as I could the many examples of how things might go well. It seems I may have chosen my words poorly.

Writing does make it difficult at times to discern the manner in which words are delivered. There is little room to put in the emotion or tone of voice one may wish things to be explained in. It is difficult enough face to face, let alone on parchment. And when there are various cultural contexts involved, it is one step away from impossible. Please accept my sincere regret that my words came off in such a manner.

And I agree that a bit of relaxation on my part would do me a world of good, if only I could do such a thing. I have much to weigh my mind down at the moment, however. As you may have seen, I have some large decisions to make, and I am rather fretful about how they shall turn out. And the prospect of doing to my death has done few favors for my mind.

It was wrong of me to assume that your message would be like so many others I have received. I should take each one as though they a fresh day’s worth of opportunities. It is only fair not to judge any individual by the masses.

I shall try in future to be more careful in my replies. Thank you, dear heart for reminding me of the necessity of decorum and humility. It seems I have betrayed my upbringing and shall work harder to live up to my breeding.


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