6th of Last Seed, Loredas

I worry for Qau-dar. He looks, if anything, even thinner and more empty now than he has since we left Cheydinhal. I am going to have to get some good fatty meat and stew it down to be flavorful. The three know I don’t want to see my Daelekil wasting away.

I want to say something to him. To ask him what I can do. I want to know if there is anything I can help with. I do not think he would accept anything more from me though.

I continue to put on fire shows for Ma’riani. I swear that this morning she made one of the figures move. It was just for an instance and it may have been a trick of mind. I wonder, does she have magic as well? It would certainly be interesting if she had. Not that I expect that I would be of any use to her in that regard. I have so little magical ability.

Yet my daesohn, Avon, he is well gifted with magicka. Mostly in destruction and restoration, but other types as well. He trained at Shad Astura or with one of their professors most of his youth and even was top in his class. Surely he would know how to train Ma’riani or be able to find another who could. There are several Khajiit in the university, from what he has told me. Surely she could find a good teacher who could speak easily to her. One who might better understand her customs.

I am getting quite ahead of myself here though, of course. I am not yet sure what, if any, gifts she might have. I will have to inform Avon. Perhaps I can have arrangements made, in the case of my passing, so that Avon can offer training to her. My son is said to be going there for his education when he is of age, so why not let them go together? I am sure with my marriage to her father, Ma’riani could even get many of the special benefits that come from being so closely linked to a prominent member of the Indoril House.

I must prepare for the day. I wish to hunt for boar. I think a good hearty meal of boar will help Qau-dar. It is a hope.


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