Ah, Dar’Faryl, this one prays you give no thought to hurting words of strangers. This one has sharp eye that sees much of your pain in things you do for this one’s brother Khajiit all these days, and hears the relief in what you sing this night. Moons shine on your path in dark, dark ways, zeti trevan.

Mah, Sedura, I thank you for your kind words.

It is fortifying to know that there are those out there who see and understand my actions for what they are. So few seem to understand that it sometimes takes the undertaking of less than pleasant tasks and the dirtying of one’s hands to accomplish one’s goals. An ideal world is not one in which we live.

May your gods and mine see you safely through your travels. Should you ever have need of my skills, call on me freely. I would gladly aid you in whatever venture you require me in, no questions asked.


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