Do you really think someone as gentle as Qau-dar would want to walk free if it meant others get killed? Don’t you your desire to get him out no matter what is very selfish. Have you ever stopped to think how he might feel? Even if he never found out you’d be breaking what little trust he has left for you.

My dearest little shalk,

Oh yes, here we go again. I am a big mean Dunmer with no thoughts to those poor gentle souls around me!

While you are busy disparaging all my actions, please stop to consider the other half of all of this. Would Qau-dar rather be hung for a crime he didn’t commit or walk free? Why would he prefer to sit in a cell, while men bicker over how best to dispose of him, and he remains worried about the health and safety of his daughter? A letter can only set so much of one’s anxieties at ease, but being free again, that is the gift I can bestow. Perhaps even one he will accept from me.

More over, who is his freedom truly coming at a price from that it is so terrible to lose? A wanted criminal? A corrupt system of law? I am not saying life is not precious, just that some lives hold less value. The wicked, for instance. Those who devalue the lives of others.

And of course my desire to free him is selfish! All actions of mortals are! Even those outside the mortal realm can be. But speaking of the matters of beings such as ourselves, everything we do is for the survival of ourselves or keep alive those who mean most to us. It is selfish. It is our nature. We were made to be selfish beings. If we were not made so, we would not survive.

As for thinking how he may feel? I cannot imagine many preferring to die wrongfully accused of a crime instead of walking free. The chances are that no one will die except for the criminal who has taken the lives of countless innocents.

Please keep in mind that I have more decorum than to simply murder everyone within, just for the sake of doing so. However, one must always be mentally prepared for the worst. If we must slay our way out of the prison, then we will do it. I will offer the souls of the slain to my goddess and take comfort in that I made their passing quick and relatively pain free.

That said, my first choice is for all to be alive when I walk my Daelekil back into the daylight. I have many ways in which I am trying to keep all involved alive. Yet, if there is no other way, than I am prepared to free him whatever it takes.

After I return him safely to Whiterun I am leaving anyhow. I do not expect to see him for a long time after. Perhaps ever. Maybe your precious dreams of my demise will finally come true at the hands of my spiteful wife. One less nasty Dunmer on this planet, right? Your line of reasoning is all too plain to see.

If I can at least right this wrong before I go, I care little how much corrupted human life it may cost. Now flee from my sight! I have bail money to prepare.


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