31st of Sun’s Height, Sundas

Praise the three, they have set a bail. For now it is incredibly high because they are still investigating Qau-dar’s involvement. I had hoped that such a big time criminal found as the perpetrator and two witnesses would be enough, but this governor is so paranoid.

I left Ma’riani in Speaks-Too-Soon’s care once again and spent half the night tracking down who would be left to determine bail payments. There are three guards it might be. One, a notoriously hard woman, who they say is so tough that even when she had three bones broken and a finger severed, she only said “you’ll pay” and shed no tears. Another is a man who loves money and jewels and anything that glimmers. And the last is none other than one of the guards I met entering the city. If I can ensure that I get the latter, I can easily get by without almost any work. The other man might be workable, but the woman, I have not found any weaknesses for. She is a problem.

I have given Atia her payment, which seems to have sated her desire to offer more help, for now. I am going to bathe and then redress to go and pay Qau-dar’s bail.

If nothing else, I will hopefully be able to pay to see him. I can always pick the lock and kill any who stop me. From what I’ve seen, there are many guards outside, but inside they are well spread out. It would not be difficult to pick off any who stopped me one or two at a time. I can always kill the guard in charge of bails, forge their hand writing, and walk out. It wouldn’t be hard to set another prisoner free and hand them a knife on our way out. They are likely to be killed staying in the prison anyhow, it would just be speeding the process of their demise.

I must go now. I have much to do in preparation. I am not returning tonight until I have Qau-dar. He will be free if it costs the lives of every guard in this city and my own.

The three guide me to freeing my Daelekil. Let none stand in our way. And let any who do not live to tell about it.


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