30th of Sun’s Height Loredas

Hilio delivered my letter to Qau-dar. He came to report it to me once he got off of his shift. And even though his eyes were red from being up for so long, he very patiently explained that the only way to get a bail set, or to get a way for my daelekil to see the light again, was to produce someone else responsible.

I thanked him and asked if he would not meet me in the morning. Being the gentleman he is, he agreed. And so I went back to Atia and told her I needed her help once again and that I had some ideas for ways to pay her she might really enjoy. If I am going to do this I might as well enjoy myself after all.

It was easy enough to find where the criminal element was in Cheydinhal. They must have a deal with the authorities to be able to be so obvious. That or the law around here is really unbalanced. At any rate, who should I find trying to chat up the fence in town, but a man known on his wanted poster as, “The Mace”. According to his poster, he is wanted for multiple home invasions, assault, rape, murder, and one count of arson. Certainly the exact type of individual that I was looking for.

It was easy enough to make myself rise to the forefront of his attentions. The fence breathed a sigh of relief when the man turned from her to me. He asked me where I got the bracelet I was fencing. I told him a true lady doesn’t kiss and tell. He offered to see if I was truly a woman. I told him that sort of behavior has a fee.

And then it was just a matter of going someplace alone. He had, of course, the perfect spot in mind. Such an easy book to read. As if I didn’t know the ale he brought would be laced. Too bad for him I switched the flagons. Then I left a scattering of evidence and ran to the guards.

What is more intriguing to guards in the wee hours of the night, than a partially undressed, sobbing, woman? Bruising, torn clothing, smeared make-up. They followed me when they could not understand my words over my sobs.

Of course, there was a body of evidence to be found, excuse the pun. And not only had they caught up to a criminal that they were looking for and now had a new charge to press against him, while there they found evidence that he had been plotting against the governor and his family. Very naughty.

So, I was taken in for questioning and he placed under arrest. During all their questions I mentioned that he had boasted of setting up several people to take the fall in his various scenarios. I off-handedly mentioned he said something about pushing a man in front of a carriage in order to get a carriage to crash and kill those inside.

Now the guards were pressing me for more and more information, so I started crying and saying that he would kill me. That I didn’t know any more. And who should come in on duty, but Hilio. He told them I had had enough and took me home, asking what in Oblivion had happened to me. I told him I had tried to find out who had framed my husband, so I was asking around and that that was when I ran into a man who said he had lots of information. Then he tried to get me drunk, and he did things, and then passed out, so I ran. I told Hilio I was going to stay at the local temple, that I only felt safe with the divines watching over me. He told me in the morning he would come to check on me again, but that he had to get back to work. He was going to make sure that the man didn’t harm me.

I waiting long enough and then went back to the inn to confer with Atia. I took Ma’riani to the temple and we stayed there for the rest of the night. Sometime in the night Atia did her part and came forward as a witness, saying she heard it was safe to report a crime she had seen.

Today they should hopefully be posting a bail price. Hilio tells me that they have to be convinced of the man’s guilt and that my Daelekil was not in any way involved before they will put a bail price forward. I suspect that by tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest, there will be a bond I can pay to free Qau-dar.

Azura watch over my Daelekil. Let this headache come to an end, along with a criminal’s career.


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