25th of Sun’s Height, Morndas

I could find little more about Qau-dar in the market. People here do not want to speak to strangers about anything. Even small bribes only got me a handful of conflicting information.

I had one merchant tell me he saw Pact soldiers take him away as prisoner. I had another say they saw him drinking with Dominion spies. I heard everything from slavers to a princess involved in his whereabouts. This is getting me nowhere.

When I ask about yesterday’s incident, no one will talk. Apparently the governor is very draconian in his rule and no one is willing to speak about matters involving him or his associates. I am sure that Qau-dar somehow got involved in the incident. That’s the only explanation I can find that explains why there is no reliable information about him.

Little Ma’riani has begun to cry a lot. I think she misses him too. She keeps saying the same thing over and over when she cries. I asked if it was Qau-dar and she only cried more. I tried to reassure her that we are going to find him, but I don’t think she understood.

When I asked Celsus for some food for Ma’riani, I ran into his daughter, Atia. She asked why I looked so distressed, as she leaned suggestively over the counter at me. I ignored her words of flattery and explained about Qau-dar’s disappearance. She had he nerve to suggest he had run off and left me!

I admit it struck a bit of a nerve. I tried, as calm as I could to tell her that no matter what, he would never leave his daughter alone. That she was the most precious thing in his life. And he certainly wouldn’t leave her alone in the market.

Atia sighed and said she had a friend in the guard who had mentioned an incident with a carriage in the marketplace. I asked for more information and she told me it would cost me. Never had I dreaded the words more. And with good reason. The things she suggested as payment! I never would have thought Celsus’ daughter could come up with such deviancies.

I agreed on the condition of finding out that she spoke truth. She grinned and told me she looked forward to claiming her prize. I am off to speak with her friend in the guard to see if in fact it was Qau-dar who they had taken for questioning.

Azura guide us.


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