This Daedra worship has got to stop! You endanger yourself and everyone around you! Come back to the Almsivi. Return to the fold brother. It is not too late to redeem your soul.


I will speak in our mother tongue so that there is no chance for you to misunderstand me. And let any others who wish to speak of those traitorous Almsivi and ask me to pledge myself to their power listen as well.

Khosi gahkho devehr iru en devahroka bahr iru neiris ghinu. Sut ohm muhr. Eri os talje ohl ascif, os vocun ohm molkhun en jikhi el de yi daedra khaan. As cahn suna lo, os wina el e neen.

I trust that is clear enough for you?

Even my own father, a devout follower of your filthy blasphemous cult, knows better than to attempt such talk with me. Be gone from sight. You have 5 seconds, then I shall pull out my blades and make good on my word.


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