How are you going to keep yourself going if you are too afraid to sleep?

I am not afraid of sleep, little poppy. I am however aware that it is not restful to thrash about reliving torture. It puts me in danger of waking or injuring my companions.

As much as I use my abilities with flame, I have little control over my talents. My parents wanted me to be study at Shad Astula, as my mother had, but it was obvious during my aptitude test that it would be a long and arduous journey. My father insisted that my other talents would be better to focus on so that I might best serve our house.

My mother is a very accomplished mage, like most in our family line. I did not have such promise though. My name alone would have gotten me in the door, but it would have been miserable. The flame spells I can utilize are very much linked to my emotions. Sure, I can summon a fire at hand or weave a flame cloak, but I can’t cast a fireball. I can only make fire so long as it is connected to me or I craft it with my hands. For instance, I can weave a flame cloak around another person, but only if I am able to connect it all the way around from my hands. I can shoot flames, but only in a stream that connects to my body. And in times of extreme emotional distress, I find it difficult to control.

And I have no talent in any other of the schools of magic, nor in any of the other destructive arts. Just flame. For once my parents came through to help me.

Oh dear, I almost fell asleep there. What was I rambling about? Oh yes, why I am not sleeping. I have already burnt a hole in my ground cloth. I am not looking to accidentally burn the very expensive tent down while I suffer nightmares.

It is true that it is getting harder and harder to make it through each day. The poison has increased my appetite and should I continue to find people along the way to help me give my prayers, I will be able to gain the strength I borrow from them to push through. It is not a permanent solution, but it will do until I can settle my mind enough to sleep properly. Praise the three for Tel, I don’t think I could walk more than 20 minutes right now. Bear me onward, my loyal steed, I thank you for your service.


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