4th of Sun’s Height, Morndas

They come in the night with fire and ice. They come in the dark with daggers and swords. They come in the night to gnaw at your flesh. Then mend you up for good.

I cannot trust anyone here. The food is surely poisoned. The drinks all too. I must continue to eat my rations alone. I know they are safe. I keep an eye on them. Even mother could not have managed to have gotten to these, I guard them too well.

Mah, Alma, her poisons always tasted the best. At least, once I was strong enough to take them without sickness. What I wouldn’t give for a touch of Shavish’m rokav poison. It always makes red meat taste sweet. Better than cooking with brandy. I doubt I have the tolerance as I once did. I used to have it every three days. I may have a little in my special box. Surely since I cook by myself again I should keep up my regular schedule. Could that be why I was so easily poisoned traveling with Qau-dar before? I will have to put just small bit in my bowl. I don’t want Tel to get hurt.

What would taste best with breakfast? Mephala’m morjul? Malahir’m baldefur? No! I know! Kefris san.

I will just put a drop or two into my drink. It will add flavor without putting me in any danger. A child’s dose. Here we are. Yes. Such a pretty color. Cobalt blue, like the sky just before the dawn. I don’t have nearly enough of these little vials anymore. I should see an alchemist. I can make more. Many use common medicinal ingredients. And it would be cheaper and less obvious than purchasing.

Now let’s check the flavor. Oh yes, it brings out those floral notes in this whiskey. This is what has been missing from my diet. And it pairs so well with this sabre cat jerky. And my nausea at eating is not quite so bad. Let us see if I can keep this in. It would be good to eat properly again.


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