3rd of Sun’s Height, Sundas

We have come at last to a town. It feels familiar, yet I am feeling tired enough not to be sure which it is. Things are all a bit off for me today.

I know it is my lack of rest. Surely there is no other reason. I kept hearing voices in the night and could not make myself sleep. I could not tell if they were real or false. They sounded cruel, vicious, Altmeri.

I forced myself to eat dried mango. I know I must need the food. Yet half of it came back up almost immediately after I ate it. So embarrassing. At least I am far enough away from the others not to be seen and maybe not heard.

Qau-dar still seems annoyed with me. He still avoids me. What can I do? What will show him the conviction I possess? Shall I offer him my life? What can I give that he will take? Or will be continue like this forever?

Was that a blade being drawn I just heard? No, no, I think not. Just the tired being noisy.

I would get a sleeping potion in town, but I do not want to fall too far behind. I am so tired. I can barely stay awake to write. But I am determined not to fall asleep. I know any time now we may leave again and I do not want to be any further trouble.


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