Do you ever feel like people you meet are not as… Alive as you are? Like they are just there to give you feeling of world full of people. Like wherever you go people have only couple of versions of hair, face, clothes…

This is a fascinating question, my little guar!

You know, as a child I was half convinced when we traveled that there was no way the world could be so large or full of people and was sure that it must all be hired actors and sets. That it must be an elaborate test to see what I did in various situations. A product, no doubt, of the rigorous training I was put through as a merling.

At that point I could not tell the difference between the races of men, so I was sure that the names were all arbitrary. I just thought it a cheap trick to get me to spill family secrets or to prove my character. I was so paranoid, I thought that even my mirrors might allow others to watch me secretly. I would never let my guard down, not even when I was alone. Especially not when I was alone.

Now, of course, I have grown up and learned to accept the vastness of the world and the many people thereon. I can tell the differences between types of men. I have seen the wonders of various nations.

I must say though, sometimes you do meet people and the way they talk just feels a bit… I don’t know how best to articulate it. Hollow? Perhaps it is just the drudgery of their own lives. I do understand what you mean though and certainly I have met individuals with that type of personality.


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