Now would be prime time to do some rearrangements on who is living and who isnot in that shop, don’t you think.

My thoughtful little scrib,

It’s true, were Qau-dad absent and I stuck in that dreadful city, it might be an opportune time to clear out the useless rubbish. There are a few reasons why I have let it go, at least for now.

The first, is that the guard is still rather alert after the whole priestess and her killing spree. The incident is too much on the minds of the people, particularly those who are influential, and so there is an increased presence of the guard about to prevent further such tragedies. Though in truth I think none would find the death of a manipulative Altmeri wizard particularly tragic. Any spells he had used to cloak himself from suspicion and to alter the minds of those around him, should in theory, cease to remain upon his death.

Second, I would run the risk of losing Qau-dar. When the power of the spell diminishes, either by distance or the Altmer’s demise, it would give Qau-dar back his unaltered will. No doubt he would not be in a hurry to rush back to the place where the same wizard resided who had turned him servant.

Third, I wish to protect Qau-dar from harm that may find its way to him while he travels. Speaks-Too-Soon is strong, but not the quickest were there an ambush. She sleeps far too soundly and walks too heavily. I would not wish to rely on her alone once they have crossed into Cyrodill.

Lastly, by staying close to Qau-dar, I allow myself more opportunities to gain his forgiveness. It may take a lot of work to show I am committed to earning back his trust, but just not being around shows apathy, not caring. I want him to know that I want to make things work between us. That I am serious when I tell him I will do as he wishes to earn it. And if I can make him comfortable along the way, all the better.


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