Does Avon know ur husband is Khajiit? Qua-dar has pretty clearly khajiit name… What does Avon think of it?

Yes, Avon is well aware of my husband’s race. We spoke at length of all that had happened to me since leaving Morrowind.

He was at first surprised to hear I married a Khajiit, mostly because I think with my own and my family’s dislike of slavery, there is always the tension that comes with a relationship of the races involved. One would not want it to be a pairing with uneven power balance, nor to seem as though there was some subconscious perpetuating of the old social hierarchy. But so long as it is an equal relationship, it can be fruitful and even help to heal the wounds of the past.

Beyond a moment of raised eyebrow, he said no more and made no other sign that he had any issue with my choice. After all, it is hardly his business whom I marry, particularly since it is not an entirely legal bond. It is recorded as a legal marriage by the Nords, but they do not know of my past. Should that come out, perhaps our union might be dissolved, but for the intents and purposes of the holds of Skyrim, it is valid.

I suppose I could ask Avon about his opinion on the matter, but that seems to make an issue of something where there is none. 

Besides, why should he have any issue with my having a Khajiiti husband?


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