Can you show us examples (pics maybe) of the type of clothing and jewelry you wear and like?

My precious flower,

There are so many things for me to put here. I admit that growing up with finery in the temple and at my social station, I still have not left my love of silks and satin and jewelry of all types.

I suppose I should start with the style of clothing I once wore, to give you an idea of the types of things I grew accustomed to wearing. Please keep in mind that these should be blue and gold if they are to reflect the exact clothing that I wore. I avoid both colors these days, particularly blue.

And my father’s clothing, which would have been mine as well, had I become his apprentice would be this.

Though I would happily settle for less ostentatious combination of clothing and jewelry.

As for jewelry, how do I even begin to choose all of the trinkets I enjoy? I suppose at the wrists.

Then for the hair.

For certain performances I like to wear more.

Or less.

I also enjoy a well decorate tunic

But Skyrim rarely allows me the opportunity to wear something so fine without having to fear it will be ruined. If it was easier to launder one’s finery here I would not be so worried. Alas, these days I am more likely to wear this sort of ensemble.

I have had to settle for more simple stylings recently, but I still try to keep my high collars, fine fabrics, and a touch of flash where I can manage. I think it was part of why I so enjoyed being in disguise in Qau-dar’s garments. They so reminded me of the comfortable layers of silk I once enjoyed.


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