Sugar dates! Candied crickets! Honeyed chilli flakes! True Elsweyri tea! Get your Khajiit wares here, reasonable prices, get ’em while they’re hot!

My good man,

Such treasures you carry with you from far away. I could smell the aroma of spices almost before I heard your cries. You have no doubt traveled far to procure these many wonders.

Come, let me help to ease your burden. I shall help to loosen those muscle pains while you tell me what you have. It is the least I can do since you came up to me and with such a variety of baubles.

Do forgive my state of undress, I am afraid you’ve caught me at my bath. Perhaps some silks you bring might cover my form. It is grown dark, after all, and I would not want to catch a cold from the brisk night air.

Here, allow me to remove this tunic of yours so I can get the knots of the shoulders worked out better. There we are. Do you not think it feels nice and comforting? The heat helps to soothe the soreness as the muscle pain is worked out.

Please, do continue to list your wares. Money is no issue for me and you have so very, very much I should want. And should there be anything you desire, I am more than willing to put things to an equal trade.


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