You’ve never seen your khajiit naked? But you traveled together for months! You even slept in same bed!

My precious mer,

I know that you must find it strange, given my adept skills in getting people of all the races of Nirn out of their clothing, that I might not have managed, when night after night, week after week, month after month, we traveled together, to get even the merest glimpse or accident peek at Qau-dar’s bare form.

Alas, Khajiit of Elsweyr are private about their bathing. They have their own method, which Qau-dar spoke of, but never offered me to witness. He did inform me, however, that it was rude for a Khajiit to show their unclothed torso, so I assume he must be of good stock to maintain such decorum upon the road, or at least is new to this sort of travel and how often it is married to leaving propriety behind.

No matter the reason, it stands that I have not seen him nude, though he has seen me stark naked as a wild guar on countless occasions. Not that I feel any shame about this. I am content in my unclothed appearance. I am not the most stunning example of the Dunmeri form, but I above average. Given that, I do not think my nudity has in any way intimidated Qau-dar, at least not in any way he has mentioned to me.

I believe it is his sense of propriety, not wanting to be naked before one he is not romantically engaged in, that has kept him clothed always in my presence. And considering what I have learned of Khajiiti male anatomy, it is not surprising if they are shy to share with other, less understanding, races.

There is also the distinct possibility that Qau-dar is female. Possibly disguised as male. Perhaps he does not wish to disclose that part of his identity to me. I just don’t know.

If Qau-dar decides later to undress in my presence, I shall maybe learn the truth. For now, I would simply be content to be back in his good graces.


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