What will you do if your husband never forgives you?

Cruel nix,

Why must you stick me with such barbed questions? Do you not think I do not spend enough time fighting my own doubts that I need yours as well?

Why do you think that Qau-dar would not forgive me? I have not done anything so terrible that my crime should be unforgivable, least of all the things that Qau-dar knows about.

He is upset with me. Whether for his own reason or one that the priestess or Altmer have given him, I don’t know. I have to find a way to get him to speak with me again so I may right this wrong. That said, I have every faith that he will forgive me. And until then I shall continue to be near at hand, to care for his child in my own way and to try and protect him from any dangers I can. That is how I shall atone for whatever ill I have done, until the time when he is ready to set a task for me to prove myself or he is ready to forgive me on his own.

So please, take your pessimism elsewhere, it turns my stomach.


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