What if Qau Dar was really together with the Altmer all this time? What if he used you to travel back to him? Or what if Qau Dar is the husband of bosmeri merchant?

My dear, are you trying to make me laugh or have nightmares?

I cannot see Qau-dar having been with the Altmer all this time and trying to use me to travel back. During the time we traveled together he did not usually have any opinion on where we went other than that it not be more snow. I not only picked where we were going, but often when we would leave. In fact, usually Qau-dar complained that I was moving on to the next town too soon and how much he hated to leave the warm comforts of whatever inn or tavern we found ourselves in that settlement. If returning to his husband was ever his goal, he sure did not care about achieving it in a timely fashion, if at all.

If Qau-dar was the Bosmeri merchant’s husband, however, it would certainly explain some things. Though I would be sad to lose my husband, returning him to such a beauty would certainly be its own sort of reward. It would explain the expression on Rialas’ face when I said I wished to meet his husband.

It is a curious thing indeed and would certainly give cause for Qau-dar’s anger with me. Perhaps he did not want to be reunited with his husband. Maybe they married shortly after knowing one another and then the Green Pact tradition of eating one’s dead relatives or fallen foes came to light. I recall that Qau-dar was most perturbed by thoughts of cannibalism. Perhaps he witnessed something he had not wished to. So many questions I now have.


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