If khajiit is really female, and gave birth to small kitten. Do you think you might be the father? Maybe the high elf is…

Little jewel,

Considering, as I have said many times, that I have not consummated my marriage with Qau-dar, I think it would be incredibly difficult for me to be the father of any children he may have. I also rather think if I had consummated the marriage I would not be confused about if Qau-dar is male or female.

I would, however, have to congratulate Qau-dar on his cunning if he managed somehow to impregnate himself with my seed without my knowledge. I am sure such skills would be highly valuable. I believe my Daelekil clever, but that seems a stretch for even the most talented person.

As for the Altmer as the father, I cannot help but laugh. There is a matter of timing which makes it difficult for me to believe a child would have sufficient time to be conceived, grown, and born. It has only been a couple months since we first met the Altmer. I have never heard of a child developing so fast. After all, it is hardly a newborn now. It just doesn’t make sense!

I would also rather suspect, given what little talk we have had of kittens, that the father would be Khajiit.


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