24th of Midyear, Fredas

I headed to the shop after my trip to the market. I brought with me three bolts of fabric. One a wine colored silk with golden patterns from Hammerfell. Another, dark blue cotton, the color of the sea in the early night, a summer weave from Shadowfen. The last, a rose red brocade with the patterns of colorful dragons clashing against a sky of clouds and thunder, a stunning work from the imperial city.

When I arrived, who should be there blocking my way but that damnable Altmer! And playing with the child no less.

And what are the first words to pass his dry, cracking lips? An accusation that Qau-dar was unavailable because his employees have better things to do than entertain me! The very nerve! This from the man who was busy playing with the child instead of doing the work he was paid for. It was the same smugness I still recall from every Altmeri solder in Cyrodil.

I informed him I was looking to speak to his master, who I had brought payment for. I was goaded on about how unsurprised the Altmer was to see why I was frequenting the shop but how I should give up in light of the Mer having tastes more refined. I replied he did indeed and therefore one of us should cease their attempts at the futile.

Then I set the fabrics besides Ma’Riani, and told the child they were for new budi. A growing child is in need of larger newer clothes over time and that finery is important. No one wants to look like a dusty old shopkeeper while they are still young and full of vitality. The child seemed more interested in sleeping atop the silk than anything. But I take it as a positive sign.

Whatever else the Altmer may have been saying to me, I decided to ignore. He is delusional. When he accused me of other offenses, I told him I was not interested in trying to persuade the Bosmer from his husband, even if I heard the man was undeserving of the honor and that the private business of others was not mine.

Then I told the fetching Altmer to inform his master that I would return later with his payment and that I did not trust giving it to a mere employee who did not even take his duties seriously.

I am in a foul mood! I need to gain favor with Mephala! I must put on my charms with the Companions.


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