So we all know that your wedding night didn’t go quite as planned. If you could move back in time and make it go exactly as you had anticipated how would that be?

Cotton blossom,

Your question implies a couple of things. First, that if I would want to go back in time to change things. And second, that I would be willing to use such a power to manipulate Qau-dar into doing what I wanted.

Nothing happened on our wedding night because that is what he was comfortable with. I am thankful for what did pass during the week-long celebration, the drunken kiss he granted me during a game he was playing with the many guests at the inn.

Qau-dar has never been particularly physical with me at any point. It makes me treasure every brief moment where he set a reassuring hand on my shoulder, or where his fingers ran through my hair to comfort me.

While it would have been nice to have shared the intimacy, I am under no illusions of why we got married. It was for monetary benefit, an opportunity. I am not naive enough to think his hurried marriage proposal was motivated by anything other than an advantage which he sought. Qau-dar has always been a practical person. It was a wise decision and we throughly enjoyed ourselves with our reward. Even our bodyguard seemed in rare cheer that week. (I really should check up on her and see if she was ever found and perhaps pay any tab I may have with the proprietress)

Were I given the power to travel back, I would not use it. If I was forced back in time, I would not change anything about that day. It was rewarding enough as it was.


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