What is your opinion on swooping?

What is it with the races of men and this word? Every land of men seems to use this word with a different meaning. And many of them involve deification. Such a crude thing!

My personal preference is to engage in swimming, or intimate relations with my partner, very much without any sort of fecal matter being involved. Of course, anyone is free to do what makes them and their partner happy, just please do not involve me in such matters.

I have also heard this term used when one steals something from another right before their success, whether it be potential customers or bed mates. To that I would say it is perhaps bad manners, but an issue of survival of the fittest. There is nothing wrong with being resourceful, it is a life skill. Of course, one may wish to be careful of whom one is taking a sale or partner from. Some people are very vengeance driven in such matters.

Of course, knowing the races of men, this word likely has even more meanings. Perhaps clarification is required, dear sender, before I might answer this properly.


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