What did you do to make you feel so certain that you have messed your chance with Rialas? You’re usually pretty sure of your gifts of seduction.

Ah, yi hla kwama,

One of the reasons I can be so sure about my gifts of seduction is because I am fairly attuned to reading people. I also only attempt to seduce those with whom I can sense a connection. Perhaps it is because of my birth sign and the gifts it entails, but I can feel when seduction is possible.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt like you’ve known them a long time? That sense of connection is similar to what I feel. It comes from looks or tone of voice. I can feel when there is that energy, that connection, and my gifts work exquisitely on those people.

Except perhaps during the very peek of my powers, there has to be something about me that the other person desires or is intrigued by in order for it t work. They need to see me and find something attractive in order for seduction to be possible.

As for the merchant beauty, there is a flirting tone, but it is not the same sort of connection. The connection is restrained. I can sense that. Perhaps it is that we have the same or similar gifts. I can sense that much of the connection is because I wish there to be one, not because he has any desire. It’s like having a mirror in place reflecting that part of yourself. Yet it is still just an image and not a true path. The little bit of chance I could feel initially, has since dissipated.

I am sure if I had enough of something he desired, arrangements might be possible, but my efforts are better spent on easier prey. He has a husband of his own whom I do not know anything about. To tangle with the unknown would be less than wise. Perhaps I shall return again when my gifts are stronger and try. For now, however, I am content without.


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